Tablets for fun (Samsung Android & HP WebOS)

It’s been a couple of months since I started living with the Samsung Tab (7 inch) and I’ve enjoyed every minute, although I have continued to be jealous of those with the 10 inch tablet (regardless of make). There were just something that would have been easier on a larger screen, in particular relating to document editing and writing longer emails. I looked at the keyboard to see if that would help but found reviews to be so negative it put me off. The Samsung Tab has some nice features, including AllShare that doesn’t seem possible on other Android devices without coughing up more cash (something I am reluctant to do after spending so much on the device) which put me off purchasing a 10inch tab until Samsung released their new version. Once the new 10inch version was released, and I got to play with it, I really wanted it – up until HP dropped their TouchPad to the bargain price of £89. I am weak for a bargin!

I know most buying the Touchpad at the discounted price will no doubt turn to Android in the future, however I have to say that my ownership over the last week has been a joy of WebOSness. Yes there have been some times when the software seems to stop for a second, and sometimes (depending on wifi conditions) applications take a bit longer than on my other devices to open but some apps beat those devices hands down, in particular how Skype is embedded into the native interface, and the Facebook app that comes pre-installed. Since then I have been happily downloading new apps, and thanks to the price of purchase have even considered purchasing some! There are some things that frustrate me – apps available on Android are not yet available on the Touchpad and some apps downloaded run in a fake phone mode.

The accessories for the Touchpad also seem to be well thought out , in particular the TouchStone which we purchased two days later for half the original price after seeing it demonstrated at a local Comet. This device keeps the pad charged, gives us the time, and for Ewans first birthday allowed us to use it as a photo display from both facebook and other online account and for under £40 seems a great addition.

There is now rumours that HP will be doing another round of HP TouchPad releases to get rid of stock, if that’s the case I know my friends (having seen ours) will certainly be queueing for the device, without the urge to immediately put Android on it!