What’s happening out there?

I’ve been a bit out of the loop for a while now, having been on maternity leave and then catching up on jobs from before I left (and picking up new ones). Now that life has calmed down a bit I am taking time to read what has been happening in the wider community. I often get swamped by twitter blog suggestions or emails of documents that might be of interest, as part of this  every month I get the CETIS newsletter with a list of popular blogs. Today I used this as a nudge to get out and read what is going on out in the wider world of Learning Technology, rather than focusing on change management as I have been thanks to Enable (and writing about it in the Design Studio).

The first read was from Twitter, a briefing paper by Mark Power (@markpower) on WebApps http://bit.ly/ecnMyJ which caught my eye, in particular the examples at the end as to what could be achieved with a little effort & understanding of university data.

Second on my list was from Adam Cooper on the interest of using Linux boxes ÜberStudent, Edbuntu – a sign of what is to come? this harped back to my own thoughts on Linux, it did make me feel a bit sad as it’s been a long time since I had reason to play with an OS – a sure sign of loss of techie to project manager (when was the last time I looked at some code…oh 2005?).

Competency structures appears to be a big thing at the moment too and Simon Grants blog has some interesting points. I’m interested in this as we are considering how to support a more streamlined programme offering, but making it more personal to the learner at the same time. Competencies is a big part of this.

A big problem with reading blogs is noticing other interesting ones all interlinked, as part of this I got distracted by Some Downsides to OER and VLEs at the Centre of Curriculum Innovation both with some points to consider when thinking about innovation and understanding the customer (student).


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