Project Plan

Work has been busy recently and I have finally managed the JISC final Project Plan, although this is not the final one for the project as it will continue to be refined based on the work taking place within the project. I have had a number of different things appear on my to do list and also as things to be noted, I am trying to get them all down and done but no doubt I will lose something.

The main thing two things I need to deal with are:

  1. I need to sit down and organise an end of phase day with the project team so that we can see what is happening for the next phase and to make sure everyone is happy with where we are at the moment.
  2. Deal with capturing what constitutes a better student experience with the help of the student union.

From my own learner perspective here at the university I was surprised that I have a general student number and a different student username to login to the computer systems. This means my last two assignments have gone in with the incorrect data on it. This assumption has come from me working in FE where they were one in the same,  did I miss something during induction (as I was away that day)? Is there something hidden in the depths of my award handbook that explains the difference? Something to consider Рif I miss it how many others do and what impact does it really have?

I have  been reading a draft from Shrewsbury on their tutors perspectives to HE in FE, this was very interesting and related to the information from the HELP CETL where issues around resources and timetabling was seen across the board with colleges delivering HE in FE Рbut little to help with understanding how we can deal with these issues, if indeed it is possible at all. Fingers crossed on that.