Microsoft leads by a head but Google is holding the Rails!

Well I have been working with Office Live and MS Writer for a couple of days now and I am really please with it so far. Writer certainly seems to tick almost all boxes, bar putting tags against a blog in the right place, although this could be down to me not doing it right than anything else! Plus for some reason when I publish to WordPress it creates the blog as a new page, which is odd because the temp blog it creates does do it as a post. Office Live seems to be good too, although it does require MS Office on your desktop to edit documents, it doesn’t if you just want to read them, and the list feature is already turning out useful as a central point to hold JISC deadlines for reports. Still it does depend on how the rest of the team feel about using it so I will have to wait and see if GoogleDocs gets nudged to the side as a project management tool.
October 2009

Well MS Office Live has definately taken over from GoogleDocs over the last couple of months, however have had some teething problems with sharing documents with those using Linux/ Mac as for some reason once they access the document no matter how they close the document down other editors (other than creator) can’t access the documents – it locks them out, which is a pain but the benefit of keeping MS Word formating wins out over that.


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