OK MS Live Writer 2 Fleur 0

Yep me on both accounts, the first was one wrong button press and the other solved with Help to the rescue! Those crafty devils at Microsoft, tags can be added a the bottom of the screen (apparently somewhere my eyes don’t drift to too often) anyway feeling particularly blond now so will stop these small blogs of software beating me!


Microsoft leads by a head but Google is holding the Rails!

Well I have been working with Office Live and MS Writer for a couple of days now and I am really please with it so far. Writer certainly seems to tick almost all boxes, bar putting tags against a blog in the right place, although this could be down to me not doing it right than anything else! Plus for some reason when I publish to WordPress it creates the blog as a new page, which is odd because the temp blog it creates does do it as a post. Office Live seems to be good too, although it does require MS Office on your desktop to edit documents, it doesn’t if you just want to read them, and the list feature is already turning out useful as a central point to hold JISC deadlines for reports. Still it does depend on how the rest of the team feel about using it so I will have to wait and see if GoogleDocs gets nudged to the side as a project management tool.
October 2009

Well MS Office Live has definately taken over from GoogleDocs over the last couple of months, however have had some teething problems with sharing documents with those using Linux/ Mac as for some reason once they access the document no matter how they close the document down other editors (other than creator) can’t access the documents – it locks them out, which is a pain but the benefit of keeping MS Word formating wins out over that.


This week has started with a nudge to the partners to join the NING validation support network and start talking about their experiences on product design with universities. I have also sent some questions out to the partners who have sent me their templates back so I look forward to seeing the responses.

I have also been thinking about managing my blogs from one place, and have downloaded the latest Microsoft Writer to see if this will help me, at least with the external sites such as this and blogger. This lead to me to start thinking about Office Live, as although GoogleDocs is ok it does strip out some formatting from documents uploaded. I might investigate this tool further, but this depends on how the rest of the team feel about it too as don’t want to force them to change tools just for the sake of it.

Add one Elgg, Blogging and Ning and get…

…a lot of different blogs, discussions and document links. So I am trying something, tools to bring it all together. Are all these tools necessary? Breaking it down, yes there is a reason for each one but really need to bring them together for ease of managment. So why all these tools?
Elgg – internal to Staffordshire University, useful to talk with core project team and spokes about issues before they get raised via external tools
Ning – for partner colleges to communicate and recieve information.
Blogger – this blog is the main project blog which can be added to by any of the core project team and is used to publicise the project and help the community.
Wordpress – this is my personal Enable blog, more specific, informal blogging by just me, all me!

snow stops everything

Well this week has been a bit of a stop-start as the snow covered the country and stopped me from being able to make it to the partner meeting planned at Ashton on Monday afternoon. This was a shame but fingers crossed we will be able to go up there soon. It has also stopped our meeting with Gill Howland this week after being rescheduled twice, its begining to feel like the snow is stalking the meeting!

As it was I worked at putting the templates recieved from the projects into a table to get an idea about how Fd’s are developed across the partners, and it seems as though some partners are more engaged with developing the awards based on employer requests than other colleges, however a common theme across the Fd degrees seems to be that it takes, on average, 2 years to get from conception of an award to delivery at a college.