Accessing Social Networking Tools

Had a rather interesting experience this week with one of the partner colleges who could see the Ning site text but none of the images, therefore they can’t, for the moment, participate with the group. Now I have to wonder how many of our partners won’t be able to see this site? and how long will it take before that particular college changes its internet settings to resolve this issue? Hopefully not long as the Enable project is moving forward partner participation is very important.
The other issue that has been raised this week is the forum software is not very friendly. This is an issue as the SMWG are having issues accessing project documentation. So where can I go from here? Fingers crossed to Elgg, as we have an initiative in the University that is looking at developing a social network tool for the entire university. However this is only in trial/ Beta phase at the moment so will have to see how the technical team get on with developing it and if it will stand up to the job.