“Happy Days!”

Just back from for the Curriculum Design Programme, two great days down in Oxford. As I mentioned in an earlier blog we were thrown back to the 70’s with the use of TV show titles to lead us into sessions, and all of us sitting on beanbags when we all got together. This was a great icebreaker that got me talking to those around me much more than if we had the same old chairs. It was a good thing we were warned to wear jeans and tshirts. I think everyone got our artifact after we did the 2 min Project TV Show pitch in Turn On, Tune In. I will have to admit to really struggling on working out the other projects aftifacts.

I will write about the sessions (and put a few photos up of Mark sitting on a bean bag) on the main site as I think some of the outputs are worth recording more formally than on this blog. I would just like to say Thanks to JISC for all their hard work. The sessions during the day were, mostly, very informative, and the evenings Generation game was good fun (even if we did come second to last I gained a new skill of plate spinning). I will confess to going in 70’s gear in the end – I could not resist. I think next time things like the News round could be online, that way I could have got a slightly better swim in between that and Meet the Family. Still I have come away with a lot more understanding of the different projects and feel part of a great cluster group consisting of Our Friends in the North.


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